First impressions last…

Your website represents you in your absence, and therefore it is absolutely essential to have a website that reflects positively unto your business.  At Lola House of Design we are dedicated to giving our client a product that they can be proud of, and a product that they can trust will uphold their image. We are committed to excellence in both quality products, as well as immaculate customer service as we understand that there is no one-size fits all in this industry.

Our creative process…

In order to build a website that’s truly unique and productive, we start the process by outlining your goals. Does your business want more clients? Does it want to entertain or engage on a deeper level? Every business has different goals!. From here, our understanding of your goals allows us to develop an effective strategy for making these goals reality. Here’s the steps we take for every client:

Getting to know you –We’re selling you; but first we need to know you….

Research – We know our work will ultimately be published in a place that’s full of your competition. We’ll be doing our research to make sure that your branding/marketing campaign appeals to your client base and that we give you the edge you need to stand out among the others. During this stage our designers will typically gather information about your company, your likes & dislikes, you vision for your marketing campaigns and with your collaboration will start to put together a type of “mood” folder, to help establish the direction in which your marketing/branding is headed.

Design – Whether we’re making a new website or updating a current site we’ll be incorporating our best work each time while keeping you in the loop. Design differs only by the type of industry; but follows the form of: idea, refine, improve, approve.

Refine – Your input is key. Are we on the right track or do we need to re-direct? Too blue or too moody? Here, options and honesty equal progress. Working closely with your feedback, we’ll be able to provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Launch – Everything coming together. Launch on-time, on-budget and there’s a call for applause and sighs of relief. Every launch is of substantial importance to us, therefore we are most concerned with making it happen smoothly for you.

Improve – Launching something is effectively “Day 1″ of the lifespan for your website. Day 2 starts the real work! We’ll provide you with the necessary options and tools to keep your website updated and fresh!


July 2019