Content Management & Maintenance

Lola House of Design offers two separate options in regards to management and maintenance of your website.

The SELF HELP option.

This enables you to maintain your website yourself.

Your designer will provide you with:

  • Log in details our site where you will be able to find the tutorials you need on our website

This option however, does NOT include any support from your designer beyond the tutorial manuals provided. Read more on our terms & conditions. Although most functions on CSS based functions and plugins are relatively easy to learn and understand – some updating may prove challenging if you are new to the world of content management and plugins.

The OUT SOURCE option

This option enables Lola House of Design (the source of your website) to maintain your web content on your behalf.

In addition to your monthly hosting fee, you will be billed for Content Management which will cover all software updates, event calendars, gallery uploads, poll changes and other installed plugins, as well as page content changes.

You will receive weekly emails from your designer, requesting updates from you , which you will then have to send to Lola House of Design via email –  beyond that, you can carry on with your daily activities without having to do any updates and upgrades yourself.

Lola House of Design issues custom Quotations for each website, as each is unique in its requirements. Please consult with your designer about costs and charges for this option.